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models_daily's Journal

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Welcome to models_daily your haven for pictures of some of the sexiest, alluring, spine-tingling beautiful creatures on the planet. This is a pictures only community, there are numerous other communities to talk about and exchange news on your favourite runway or magazine spread belles.

+Every post much have a picture otherwise it will be deleted
+Do not direct/hotlink. It’s a pain in the neck to deal with and uses up people’s bandwidth, especially if being viewed by many people. Some people actually do pay for their bandwidth, so please have some consideration. PhotoBucket is a reliable, free image hosting service, as are Image Host and Image Shack. Failure to comply with this rule can have you liable to be banned.
+Everyone has different tastes, and flaming or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated. Keep the peace, please.
+If it’s not safe to be viewed in work conditions, or you are posting multiple or gargantuan pictures place them under an lj-cut and indicate that they are NSFW if need be. Directions on how to use an lj-cut can be found in the FAQ.
+ Although this is a pictures only community, icons and other graphics are also welcome, as long as a picture is included. If you have more than three icons however, put them under an lj-cut

Any further questions or queries can be directed towards your maintainer, da_spider. That’s all for now, enjoy yourselves and post away!